IT Consulting

IT-Works Business Solutions & Assistance Ltd. provides its clients with IT consulting services

IIT consulting implies that we will listen to all your needs, based on your needs, we will plan development of the information system and the evaluation of the required hardware, as well as system and development software.

Benefits of using consulting services are numerous:

Business with reduced IT costs;
constant improvement and optimization of the information system;
optimized procurement process at lower costs;
avoid the risks of purchasing poor equipment and the implementation of a poorly planned and implemented information system.
IT-Works business Solutions & Assistance Ltd. will help you to get the most cost-effective solution for your business in accordance with the needs and capabilities of your company.


Computer networks

We provide design, implementation and maintenance services for computer networks

We design, execute and manage computer networks based on Windows and Linux platforms and environments.
design implies that we are able to offer you the most cost-effective solution in relation to your needs.
etwork execution means setting up a complete passive network infrastructure, setting up all online tasks and putting them into operation.
Maintenance means preventive software / hardware maintenance of the correct operation of all devices on the network, as well as service of defective devices and parts of the network.


Maintenance and service of IT equipment

IT-Works Business Solutions & Assistance Ltd. provides preventive maintenance and service of computer equipment

This type of maintenance and service includes: maintenance of hardware, maintenance of software and network maintenance.
Maintaining hardware includes regular hardware reviews, replacement of worn-out parts, replacement of defective parts, cleaning of dust particles, lubrication of moving parts, etc. ...
Software maintenance includes maintenance of the operating system, maintenance of user applications and other user software, regular system and user software update, antivirus and anti spam protection etc ...



We provide design, implementation and maintenance services for the VOIP switchboard



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